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New Japanese subway posters in ukiyo-e style

The Miss Manners of Japanese subway behaviour lays out the do’s & don’ts using classical ukiyo-e traditional printmaking style. Bravo to Seibu Railway!




Paolozzi tiles up again at Tottenham Court Rd Station

The recent renovation of London’s Underground involved a total redo at Tottenham Court station where Paolozzi’s 1984 mosaics were located. After much effort, the beautiful colourful mosaics have been restored as part of the new station. Hurray for the London Underground!





Photo courtesy of the Guardian by Linda Nylind

NYC Zoetrope in subway

An interesting piece of lenticular digital art was installed for free public viewing in the bowels of New York City in 2011.  This artwork, called “Union Station in Motion”, was located in an empty retail space below the food emporium escalator near 14th street just east of 4th Ave… so it may have since been undone!? (Feel free to confirm or deny).