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Whistleblowers as heroes: Public Art Project

Snowden, Manning & Assange…

“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing” – Sir Edmund Burke

Well, these 3 chose to do SOMETHING…(and were willing to pay the price on our behalf)



Building an army of Ed Snowdens

“The Whistleblower” — Verax.  The forgotten man?! (“Can he be safely rendered yet, without too much public outcry?” say the spies).  


Edward Snowden pops up in NYC, sort of…

Glenn Greenwald met with a larger-than-life statue of Snowden recently, on the streets of NYC. The statue was then forcibly removed, after 2 hours, because it lacked the proper government approvals & paperwork. True to form?!


Prototype: Verax the Whistleblower (Edward Snowden)

The Robin Hood of our digital days. Telling the truth about Big Brother’s surveillance of the innocent townsfolk, while the conniving Sheriff of Nottingham wrings his hands back in the Castle. Hooray for this brave lad, and the other whistleblowers who dare to speak truth to power!

(I’m still working on this bust, filling in a few odd spots and trying to get the eyeglasses right :p)


Casting “Verax – the Whistleblower” (Ed Snowden).

The final version will be cast in white hydrocal, with wire rim glasses added.