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Right wing hate slogans on “Queen’s vagina” to remain, unwhite-washed

The sculptor of “dirty corner” (aka the Queen’s vagina) located in Versailles France says that he will not remove hateful graffiti from his sculpture, for educational reasons.

Anish Kapoor is being sued for not removing the racist graffiti.  What do you think?


Music by the sea, made by the sea (Croatia)

This set of musical pipes was built in 2005, and is similar to the sea-powered musical pipes created years ago by Eduardo Chillida in San Sebastián Spain.


Lord Nelson reimagined…admiral’s famous London statue gets makeover by Greenpeace

Yesterday, Greenpeace staged an unusual protest…by putting gas masks on many of the famous statues across the city.  This landmark event was meant to highlight London’s poor performance at controlling smog (the new London fog?!).



Airports are good for more than landing airplanes

…like display of big sculptures in accessible open public space. Here is a cool work by Smaban Abbas at Cairo international airport.


photo by talkingbeautifulstuff blog

NIMBY Henry Moore! Columbia University students create petition to protest bronze sculpture

Apparently, NYC students feel that the reclining abstract sculpture by Henry Moore will not fit with the architectural surroundings in front of their university library. (Too edgy for their undergrad tastebuds…)

!..wait, there’s more (idiocy)..


It seems the protesters think all sculptures should resemble this nice but “ho hum” Classical maiden on a throne… 


…instead of Moore’s abstract bronze masterpiece below

Fantastic kinetic wind sculptures, like giant metal jellyfish (Anthony Rowe)

Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas: UNESCO World Heritage site

It’s not everyday you think about visiting Venezuela…but should you go…here’s one stop to consider


36 metre golden erection of Chairman Mao…no longer erect

Chinese government authorities have taken down a large unapproved statue of Chairman Mao.  Apparently they are afraid the former leader is gaining God-like status among the common folk. 


This famous Italian artist was imprisoned for 2 years in the Texas desert after WWII…

Check out the photos on the sidebar of this article by Galleria Dello Scudo about Alberto Burri, and his minimalist black Cellotex 2D sculptures.




Math+3Dprinting+strobe light=art (j0#n Edma7k & F1b70nacc1 sequence)