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Blue bacon. 3200 people strip naked for Spencer Tunick event in Hull

…and it was a bit chilly, but not as bad as Dublin.


  Photo: Danny Lawson/PA for the Guardian


New “snow-roller” prototype: making wallpaper-style patterns on snowy roads & walkways

Jean-Francois Jacques and his team want to transform the look of snowy streets in Gatineau Quebec…



Whistleblowers as heroes: Public Art Project

Snowden, Manning & Assange…

“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing” – Sir Edmund Burke

Well, these 3 chose to do SOMETHING…(and were willing to pay the price on our behalf)


Kapoor’s “dirty corner” vandalized once again in Versailles: cultural Fascism par les boys de la Front Nationale


Banksy’s “Dismaland”: the anti-venom to Cinderella snakebite schlock

Somewhere in the nether-region of England is a new take on theme parks.  It is still unclear at this point whether or not there are “rides”…


NYC Zoetrope in subway

An interesting piece of lenticular digital art was installed for free public viewing in the bowels of New York City in 2011.  This artwork, called “Union Station in Motion”, was located in an empty retail space below the food emporium escalator near 14th street just east of 4th Ave… so it may have since been undone!? (Feel free to confirm or deny).


“What is your fav art in public places? ” Guardian UK wants to know…

Is there a prize?! Perhaps there’s a prize…!


The Left Coast Public Art Registry is cool!

This online app shows locations and images of Art in public places, in and around Vancouver BC.  Nicely done IMO.



Skinny horse chases giant blue Coq from Trafalgar

Time is up.  The 18 month period for displaying the giant Bleu Coq sculpture recently ended, and a new skinny horse sculpture will replace it on the 4th plinth near Lord Nelson’s famous statue in Trafalgar.  The Coq was a very vivid & whimsical sculpture, a symbolic tribute to feminism & la France.  Its’ outrageous bright colour challenged the stodgy bland grey space it occupied in Trafalgar Square.  I really enjoyed seeing Coq on its roost during a recent London visit. Vive la France! (Et la Fraternite entre les pays).


More pics & video here:


Noguchi’s sunken Zen garden in Lower Manhattan

Isamu Noguchi is famous for his sculpture, furniture and Akari paper lights. He is also a fabulous landscape designer — here is a link to his cool sunken garden at Chase Manhattan Plaza in NYC.



As a bonus, there is also a sculpture by Jean Dubuffet at the same public plaza…called Four Trees.


Check out this link for more…

More about Noguchi’s landscape designs…which were ahead of their time.