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Over in Dover: new Banksy art takes on Brexit

A man on a ladder chipping away at the stars on the EU flag…



C215 – I’m guessing these are his kids…

French street artist C215 just spent a few days on the streets of Paris working on a brand new mural large scale mural. The wall uses his unique stencilling technique and is located in the 20th district.


Banksy – Girl with a Pierced Eardrum

Banksy has just published photos of a new mural on his website. This piece comes immediately after rumours of his arrest in London after a 24 hour stakeout by Police.


Hush – New Mural in Newcastle

Street artist Hush recently got busy on a new mural in his hometown of Newcastle in the UK. In his classic portrait style he brings to life two Geisha looking women with a collage of colour for their dresses.


Irony & Boe – Giant Animal Murals

Graffiti out…giant animal murals in. Sure, they’re nice pretty images, and well done…but IMO they lack meaning. “There is no such thing as good art about nothing” — according to Ad Reinhardt. They’re no Banksy.

Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine

Irony & Boe are a UK-based street-art duo comprising Whoam Irony and Placee Boe. The artists have recently been going around London creating large, towering animal murals.

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