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Halifax sculpture: John Greer’s “Origins”

Located in downtown Halifax Nova Scotia, outside the NS Art Gallery: “Origins” (1995).  What a pleasant surprise! Tucked around the corner, just outside the NSAG entrance. More info is available here:





Renault’s car company logo..was designed by famous op art duo

The father and son team, Victor Vasarely and his son Yvaral, designed the logo in 1972 based on a diamond-shape surrounded by parallel lines.  An enduring simple logo…by the father (& son) of op art.

Photos courtesy of Renault

Black Widow — coming soon from Brazil to UK’s Tate Modern

Just for a short visit…Calder’s largest, most complex mobile


Banksy’s “Dismaland”: the anti-venom to Cinderella snakebite schlock

Somewhere in the nether-region of England is a new take on theme parks.  It is still unclear at this point whether or not there are “rides”…


Entendu…les oeuvres chez la musee de Vasarely a l’Aix-en-Provence, sont-ils en danger?!

Selon Wikipedia, l’eau a endommage certains objets d’art chez la musee de la Fondation Vasarely. Ca me demande pourquoi? Une manque de revenu, ou peut-etre une autre faible raison?! Ca n’aurait jamais arrive chez le Louvre ou la Musee Picasso…


Voici une expose en 3d de la musee:


IMG_1327le popa de op art: Victor Vasarely

So it seems, Barbara Hepworth built a lovely sculpture studio and outdoor garden in St Ives, Cornwall. A bit like steak with salad. Scrumptious!

This short video, by the UK’s Tate Modern Gallery, gives a flavour of the place, by interviewing the late Dame Hepworth and showing some of her excellent modern bronzes. She died too soon, in a tragic fire at her studio. My favorite pieces are her large holey sculptures with cords, which resemble fantastic stringed instruments 🙂





Monument to Tolerance: Eduardo Chillida

A lovely abstract sculpture beside the water in Seville Spain, by the greatest modern sculptor of the 20th century. (Discuss among yourselves) 😉


More nice pics, courtesy Jose Mazcona via Flickr:


Famous Henry Moore sculpture is famously restored

After living right outside the British House of Lords for over 45 years, the large bronze called Knife-Edge Two-Piece was inevitably covered in filth and decay. In early 2013 it received a thorough cleaning and restoration, at a cost of over £16,000. This included an extra £5 for the wax job 😉

The next time you visit London, you will be able to see this sculpture gleaming in its original 1967 condition (it is located on Abington Street Gardens).



(Here is the BEFORE picture…)


The Dancing Building (Prague CZE)

Another fine swervy example of modern architecture, designed by Canadian Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunc.  Nicknamed “Fred and Ginger”, for the old-time dance couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the building is located at Rašínovo nábřeží (Rašín’s riverbank).