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NIMBY Henry Moore! Columbia University students create petition to protest bronze sculpture

Apparently, NYC students feel that the reclining abstract sculpture by Henry Moore will not fit with the architectural surroundings in front of their university library. (Too edgy for their undergrad tastebuds…)

!..wait, there’s more (idiocy)..


It seems the protesters think all sculptures should resemble this nice but “ho hum” Classical maiden on a throne… 


…instead of Moore’s abstract bronze masterpiece below


When in London…

…forget the Tower of London and the Eye and Bucklington Palash…instead, sneak behind the House of Lords to check out the newly waxed and polished Henry Moore sculpture “Knife Edge Two Piece”.  This beautiful bronze is not to be missed (though it’s not promoted in the tourism info).  Henry made many fabulous sculptures — some of them more figural and realistic — though his abstract 2 and 3 piece bronzes are definitely my favorites. (There are some excellent ones at the AGO Gallery in Toronto).

located near Parliament in London UK

located near Parliament in London UK


Famous Henry Moore sculpture is famously restored

After living right outside the British House of Lords for over 45 years, the large bronze called Knife-Edge Two-Piece was inevitably covered in filth and decay. In early 2013 it received a thorough cleaning and restoration, at a cost of over £16,000. This included an extra £5 for the wax job 😉

The next time you visit London, you will be able to see this sculpture gleaming in its original 1967 condition (it is located on Abington Street Gardens).



(Here is the BEFORE picture…)