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Sandi, before Canada Day


Kirk in living colour

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Tableful of my pots


“Worst view in the world” by Banksy

Often travel simply serves to “open your mind, til you can’t get your head through the door” (per Elvis Costello)…but this is different. You really should go see this…

‘Worst view in the world’: Banksy opens hotel overlooking Bethlehem wall | World news | The Guardianhttp://click.mail.theguardian.com/?qs=01f428bab12213fcb2a609b2443e282e5a20a3e31949d5b7917c308077aec99b0e4064495b8cb7e2c1e03dcf570d8a99

Over in Dover: new Banksy art takes on Brexit

A man on a ladder chipping away at the stars on the EU flag…


Wayne, and Nancy




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Easter Shelley


Kirk en avril