Heath on Labour Day



Kristen, Old Home Week in PEI

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Destroying symbols of evil, and praying for peace & tolerance…public art as flashpoint



Why not round up all of the old Confederate statues and put them together in a grassy public park, perhaps on the site of a famous Civil War battle (Bull Run?!). Then mix in some appropriate interpretation at a new visitor centre for added context.

What to do with a prize-winning cow on stilts that gives no milk?!




Sandi on a rainy Sunday


Sarah in July

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Wayne..whoa it’s hot outside


mid-summer Shelley

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Waterfall glaze #1

Four pots just fresh from the kiln: 2 with just 1 glaze coat (grey shimmer); and 2 others with a base coat topped with Waterfall #1 along the top edge, in order to create drip effects in contrasting colours.  All of the pots were successful experiments…though the flying man on waxwing brown glaze was my favorite.

Predicting how glaze combinations will look coming out of the kiln is like trying to predict the weather.  Glaze colours look completely different before they are fired in the kiln, where chemistry and random effects combine to produce new (unexpected?!) colours.  For instance, the grey glaze looks like rusty mud before it’s fired, and the waterfall glaze is a pale mossy green.















Heath, in charred coal

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