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The indoor house: by Maud Lewis

As shown in the recent movie, “Maudie” (go see it!), this is a panoramic shot from the doorway of her house, which has been dismantled and then reassembled indoors, like a ship in a bottle, inside the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax. She was small in stature, but a giant among folk artists. With an even bigger heart.





Painting outside the lines

Howard Hodgkin: ‘I felt like an outcast in the art world’ | Art and design | The Guardian

Art Battle in the Cradle of Confederation

This is my attempt at a modern still-life, a la
Donald Sultan. No fake 3d shaded grapes or old Chianti bottles. No sir! Just flat 2d surface w minimalist palette.
I titled it “Black Lemon”…as a conceptual piece, and a play on the fact that it was actually white. It was not until afterwards that I discovered it was not a lemon at all! While discussing this artwork with one of the other participants, she suggested that it was in fact a lime.  


Air miles up to wazoo! Buy a masterpiece with your AMEX and fly for FREE

…this strategy seemed to work for the Chinese billionaire who recently bought a Modigliani painting on credit.

OMG I must get to NYC to see this Picasso sculpture exhibit, even if it means selling 1 of the kids

Could this be the greatest art exhibit ever? Starting at MOMA on Monday…

The Left Coast Public Art Registry is cool!

This online app shows locations and images of Art in public places, in and around Vancouver BC.  Nicely done IMO.


Art Battle 224: Charlottetown PEI

I participated in AB 224 last night at the PEI Brewery. Lots of fun. I did a very quick painting (in only 5 minutes!) based on one of my life drawing sketches.  Over 500 patrons paid $15 each to watch 2 groups of 6 artists paint works in only 20 minutes, before casting their ballots for their favorite.  And there was beer of course, since the event was held in the event space at the PEI Brewery.

What a great way to spend Valentines!

Art Battle: Charlottetown PEI 14feb15

Art Battle: Charlottetown PEI 14feb15

AB my target sketch 14feb15 AB crowd 14feb15AB crowd from stage 14feb15 copy1