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Halifax sculpture: John Greer’s “Origins”

Located in downtown Halifax Nova Scotia, outside the NS Art Gallery: “Origins” (1995). ¬†What a pleasant surprise! Tucked around the corner, just outside the NSAG entrance. More info is available here:



Right wing hate slogans on “Queen’s vagina” to remain, unwhite-washed

The sculptor of “dirty corner” (aka the Queen’s vagina) located in Versailles France says that he will not remove hateful graffiti from his sculpture, for educational reasons.

Anish Kapoor is being sued for not removing the racist graffiti.  What do you think?

Paolozzi tiles up again at Tottenham Court Rd Station

The recent renovation of London’s Underground involved a total redo at Tottenham Court station where Paolozzi’s 1984 mosaics were located. After much effort, the beautiful colourful mosaics have been restored as part of the new station. Hurray for the London Underground!


Photo courtesy of the Guardian by Linda Nylind

Christo’s “Floating Piers” on Northern Italian Lake is so popular it must be closed at night

Only a few days remaining until July 3, when this floating public art installation will be dismantled. Run, don’t walk…

Huge fabric bridge in Italy closes for a stretch as visitors wear it out | Art and design | The Guardian

Airports are good for more than landing airplanes

…like display of big sculptures in accessible open public space. Here is a cool work by Smaban Abbas at Cairo international airport.

photo by talkingbeautifulstuff blog

Fantastic kinetic wind sculptures, like giant metal jellyfish (Anthony Rowe)

Renault’s car company logo..was designed by famous op art duo

The father and son team, Victor Vasarely and his son Yvaral, designed the logo in 1972 based on a diamond-shape surrounded by parallel lines.  An enduring simple logo…by the father (& son) of op art.

Photos courtesy of Renault

Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas: UNESCO World Heritage site

It’s not everyday you think about visiting Venezuela…but should you go…here’s one stop to consider

Math+3Dprinting+strobe light=art (j0#n Edma7k & F1b70nacc1 sequence)