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The indoor house: by Maud Lewis

As shown in the recent movie, “Maudie” (go see it!), this is a panoramic shot from the doorway of her house, which has been dismantled and then reassembled indoors, like a ship in a bottle, inside the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax. She was small in stature, but a giant among folk artists. With an even bigger heart.





Black Widow — coming soon from Brazil to UK’s Tate Modern

Just for a short visit…Calder’s largest, most complex mobile

OMG I must get to NYC to see this Picasso sculpture exhibit, even if it means selling 1 of the kids

Could this be the greatest art exhibit ever? Starting at MOMA on Monday…

Free sea cruise? See hypnotic WaWaWaWaVvVvVyYy op art lines of Bridget Riley, 50yr retrospective. (When I get older, losing my hair…)

Bexhill-on-Sea (East of Brighton) is the FREE place to be, starting June 13 to Sept 6.  A fab retrospective of Beatles-like wavy op art created by the master artist Bridget Riley.  These hypnotic works will feature her many explorations of stacked wavy lines, creating the illusion of ocean currents and similar optical effects.  This event is being hosted at one of UK’s preeminent modern public buildings the De La Warr Pavillion.  For bookings and info, phone 01424 229 111. (Anyone visiting had better come “straight” 😉 )



Smashing good art: what happens when u accidentally knock over a museum sculpture?

Someone backed their big bum into a valuable sculpture by Cy Trombly at the de Menil Gallery in Texas.  It fell over with a loud crash, and broke into several pieces.  In keeping with Texas laws & customs, the locals plan to “hang ’em high” from the nearest tree branch, once the posse manages to track down the dirty varmint.

Google updates its Art Project virtual access to world-class art galleries (& Android art watch)

Take a stroll thru art galleries around the world, from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy armchair.