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“Worst view in the world” by Banksy

Often travel simply serves to “open your mind, til you can’t get your head through the door” (per Elvis Costello)…but this is different. You really should go see this…

‘Worst view in the world’: Banksy opens hotel overlooking Bethlehem wall | World news | The Guardian

Over in Dover: new Banksy art takes on Brexit

A man on a ladder chipping away at the stars on the EU flag…

New Japanese subway posters in ukiyo-e style

The Miss Manners of Japanese subway behaviour lays out the do’s & don’ts using classical ukiyo-e traditional printmaking style. Bravo to Seibu Railway!


Laurent Kronental: La Souvenir d’un Futur

Newly released: map of brutalist architecture chez Paris

if you love concrete & modernist blocky buildings (like I do) then this map is for you…(price £8)

Brutalist Paris Map

Right wing hate slogans on “Queen’s vagina” to remain, unwhite-washed

The sculptor of “dirty corner” (aka the Queen’s vagina) located in Versailles France says that he will not remove hateful graffiti from his sculpture, for educational reasons.

Anish Kapoor is being sued for not removing the racist graffiti.  What do you think?

Paolozzi tiles up again at Tottenham Court Rd Station

The recent renovation of London’s Underground involved a total redo at Tottenham Court station where Paolozzi’s 1984 mosaics were located. After much effort, the beautiful colourful mosaics have been restored as part of the new station. Hurray for the London Underground!


Photo courtesy of the Guardian by Linda Nylind

This is how Greek statues really looked before the paint wore off.

Thanks to UV light and other modern methods, we can see how grey classic statues rediscover their original gaudy coloured tones.  Suitable for the foyer of a Mom and Pop Greek restaurant.


Blue bacon. 3200 people strip naked for Spencer Tunick event in Hull

…and it was a bit chilly, but not as bad as Dublin.

  Photo: Danny Lawson/PA for the Guardian

Christo’s “Floating Piers” on Northern Italian Lake is so popular it must be closed at night

Only a few days remaining until July 3, when this floating public art installation will be dismantled. Run, don’t walk…

Huge fabric bridge in Italy closes for a stretch as visitors wear it out | Art and design | The Guardian