Art Battle in the Cradle of Confederation

This is my attempt at a modern still-life, a la
Donald Sultan. No fake 3d shaded grapes or old Chianti bottles. No sir! Just flat 2d surface w minimalist palette.
I titled it “Black Lemon”…as a conceptual piece, and a play on the fact that it was actually white. It was not until afterwards that I discovered it was not a lemon at all! While discussing this artwork with one of the other participants, she suggested that it was in fact a lime.  



4 responses to “Art Battle in the Cradle of Confederation

  1. Lemon? Lime? well I guess, in the best spirit of modern art, it is what our reaction to it tells us it is … Now pls tell us more about Art Battle Canada!

    • Hi Penny! Art Battle is a competitive event that is hosted at a local bar or restaurant. Artists apply to participate, or are invited by the Art Battle organizer (see Facebook site). 6 artists at a time go up on stage, where AB has set up easels & painting supplies. A DJ pumps up the crowd ($15 admission). Artists are given 20 minutes to complete their masterpiece, while the crowd of onlookers drinks beer and decides which painting to vote for. The winning artist from each of 2 sessions goes to face off in a second paint-off…with the winner for that evening winning a cash prize ($250). It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to meet other local artists.

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