Canada’s Conservative government plans to build a colossal “Mother Mary” Zombie Statue in Cape Breton national park

The federal Conservatives have seen their numbers falling in recent polls, and are determined to use the tax-payers purse for last gasp attack ads & major spending announcements leading up to the upcoming fall election.  This drunken spending spree includes several expensive new multi-million dollar monuments in Ottawa — the proposed Hollocaust Memorial (who doesn’t remember the Ottawa Hollocaust?!) & the proposed Memorial to Communist atrocities (by which, I am sure Harper is referring to Tommy Douglas’s socialist Medicare plan to provide free health care to all Canadians).

But I digress.  This post is about the OTHER proposed spending…to build a 26 metre tall statue of a middle-aged woman dressed like Mother Mary, with her hands stretched out zombie-like.  It is to be located along the beautiful Atlantic coastline overlooking the ocean in Cape Breton National Park.  Supposedly, this statue represents “Mother Canada” (which smacks of “Mother Russia” of Stalinist fame, and so is entirely appropriate to represent the current Harper regime).  All that is missing is the glowing red eyes, with built-in lazer ability, to serve as a sort-of ghoulish lighthouse, or for fighting off Godzilla and other giant alien sea creatures that may emerge from the depths to attack Canada’s East coast…


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