The A to Z of Brutalism in architecture.

Whenever I pass through Montreal, I always keep my eyes peeled for Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67…like a cross between a futuristic Star Wars condominium and a giant termite mound for humans.  

If you like concrete, you will love this…via the Guardian
  Photo UIG via Getty Images


2 responses to “The A to Z of Brutalism in architecture.

  1. Great photography, really captures the look of the place. (I was there at the time…) Funny, I don’t find it ‘brutal’ tho’ I can see why you apply that description, since it’s all angles & unadorned blocks of concrete. For me, the way the blocks are stacked is so charming, so much fun — and so good at giving everyone a view & preserving privacy — that I find the ensemble light-hearted & delightful. Alas, I’m not sure how practical: I don’t know the extent to which they ever solved leaking & other mundane problems like that. Maybe you know?

    • Hi Penny. Yes, I agree…”brutal” has negative meaning these days. I believe it was originally intended to reflect “raw” more so than “crudely rendered”. I like mid-century modern style, and the cement material…in its “plastic” form.

      Otherwise, I’m not sure about the state of Habitat 67…and how watertight or liveable those units are :p more research is needed. Let me know if you find more info 🙂

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