Up the Wall & Down the Alley

Sewing thimbles & buttons…harken back to Toronto’s rag-trade


15 October 2014 – And often both, at the same time.

But not with the first image that smacks my eye, as I go walkies after last Friday’s shift at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario).

wall mural opposite Grange Park

It’s right there on a street corner, wall of a residential building, opposite Grange Park just south of the AGO. I try to sneak up on it mentally, catch it revealing itself as some sort of map to some lost continent, but no. I can’t quite catch it. So I settle for its being a strong design — and isn’t that enough?

Soon more than that is on offer — and, I must acknowledge, neither on a wall nor up an alley. But still in the great, elastic world of public art.

Thimble sculpture, Spadina & Richmond West

Yes,  a Very Large thimble, and yes with an Equally Large tape measure curled around it, on one corner of the Spadina / Richmond…

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