Famous Henry Moore sculpture is famously restored

After living right outside the British House of Lords for over 45 years, the large bronze called Knife-Edge Two-Piece was inevitably covered in filth and decay. In early 2013 it received a thorough cleaning and restoration, at a cost of over £16,000. This included an extra £5 for the wax job 😉

The next time you visit London, you will be able to see this sculpture gleaming in its original 1967 condition (it is located on Abington Street Gardens).



(Here is the BEFORE picture…)



4 responses to “Famous Henry Moore sculpture is famously restored

  1. So glad to see this, and it makes me think of the Henry Moore scupture “Two Forms” right outside the AGO. It too will need repatination and restoration one of these days, the damage done not by vandalism but by love — the endless affection of stroking hands (& sliding bottoms).

    • Yes, I love that piece outside the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Also in Toronto, outside City Hall, is the Archer by Moore. I wonder when it was last cleaned and waxed, and is responsible?! IMO these large bronzes look best in an outdoor setting (even at the risk of an occasional bird dropping).

      • I suppose the City is responsible for The Archer; I know that the AGO is responsible for Two Forms, and it is their people who will eventually decide on the repatination & any other conservation measures..

  2. I wrote a blog piece on the sculpture a while ago and I am so pleased I saw the cleaned version! Thanks for your photo 🙂

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