I fought in Art Battle #105

That’s right. Competitive painting against 11 other artists for a $250 prize, and a chance to go on to the national final in Toronto in June. 20 minutes of tense excitement with acrylic paint flying! This event was generously hosted by the PEI Brewery in Charlottetown at their lovely new brew-pub. Over 300 beer-drinking patrons in the bar that night cast ballots for their favorite art battler’s work (the rooster painting won).

My painting is called “Pierre 2 Pierre: vase 2 vase”, which has a mirrored profile of my favorite Canadian Prime Minister — the late Pierre Trudeau. It is inspired by a work by Jasper Johns about Picasso.

For audience appeal, I painted most of this with a beer can — Beach Chair Lager (which was provided for FREE to competing artists). I also incorporated some well-chewed gum for added interest, and texture. It was a lotta fun… đŸ™‚





2 responses to “I fought in Art Battle #105

  1. What fun! Congrats on Pierre 2 Pierre/Vase 2 Vase. When/where is the Toronto June event? (You know you’ve got my interest)

    • Thanks Penny. The Art Battle was fun, and a great way to meet other artists. There’s an Art Battle at the Amber Gallery in TO on May 10, also in Collingwood and Hamilton that same day. More info is at art battle.ca

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