Blueprint: idea for Spanish Piper (Organi-phone)

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I am a big fan of modern sculptor Eduardo Chillida, whose fabulous “wind comb” sculptures on the rocky sea-coast of San Sebastian Spain were my inspiration for the “organi-phone” which follows.  The wind combs are giant spiderlike wrought-iron fingers which attach to rocks above the roaring surf, together with a series of seven musical tunnels which are powered by the blast of waves beating on the rocky shore.  These musical tunnels are tuned to various notes which combine to create random “ocean-powered music”.
wind comb1

wind comb pipes

My ocean-side property in Cavendish PEI has plenty of wind but no direct water access, so I have conceived of the organi-phone as a wind-powered version of Chillida’s musical sculpture.  The organi-phone (or Spanish Piper) is a 3 metre tall sculpture made of fibreglass, in the shape of a hollow periscope with a back fin on the bottom half.  The opening at the mouth of the periscope…

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