My 1st Liebster Award nomination!


Thanks to Notes to Ponder, for the Liebster Award nomination — a non-cash award given for the most excellentest small blog. (See for more details about Liebster rules etc.)

As per the stated rules for the Liebster Award, here are my responses to the 11 questions posed to me by Notes to Ponder:

1. If you could have lived in any other time, where and when would it be? A psychic once told my wife that we had also been a couple before, in another life, and that explained our strong emotional connection. I would like to visit that past life, briefly, to find out more.

2. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Too cold.  With cold and ice, there is always the chance that a hockey game may break out… 

3. Do you watch the Oscar’s?  No, I prefer other cichlids like Angel Fish and Kribensis.

4. What was your first WTF moment?  When Sweet Daddy Siki threw the Cuban Assassin into the turnbuckle.

5. Do you think Christopher Columbus discovered America?  No, but he WAS the first American to discover that history could be rewritten (see Leif Ericson at L’Anse aux Meadows, and more recently, FOX News).

6.Have you ever regretted your vote in an election? No.

7. Should voting be mandatory? For everybody over age 16 with a Twitter account.

8. Are Reddit rules a little too harsh?  Do Western films have too many cowboys?

9. Have you ever flown a kite? Yes.  I once arranged a Kites for Rights event in Fredericton NB on behalf of Amnesty International.

10. Would you drop everything and jump at a chance to travel into space? I am in space at this very moment.

11. Have you ever seen an aurora? Yes, once at band camp, while canoe-camping West of Ottawa in Eastern Ontario. 

…and here are 11 random facts about me:

  1. So far, I have had 4 dogs and 2 marriages.
  2. I once fired a submachine gun more than once.  But that was then. 
  3. Last month I wrote to President Obama, encouraging him to take strong action towards enacting effective gun control legislation.
  4. I used to draw political cartoons for the UPEI student newspaper.
  5. I am a leftie, but I’m also right-handed.  Go figure.
  6. Je parle francais, comme une vache chinoise.  C’est pas vrai!
  7. My dog is sleeping on the couch beside me.
  8. (There is no #8)
  9. I drink coffee because research shows that it reduces dementia risk, provided it is consumed during The Middle-Ages.
  10. I am a Fred-Head (dedicated follower of The Fred Eaglesmith, a Canadian gypsy songwriter who is noted for his most excellent funny dialogues & alt-country songs about trains and other important stuff).
  11. This is the number of Alfie, team captain of the Ottawa Sen-a-tors.  Praise Alfie!

…and now, here are my Liebster Award nominations for best supporting actor, responsible for writing a cool up-and-coming blog with fewer than (about) 200 followers: 



Here is my set of 11 questions for these 4 deserving Liebster nominees:

1. How many languages can you swear in?
2. What’s the strangest job you’ve ever done?
3. Color or black and white?
4. Family Guy or Gilligan’s Island?
5. Have you ever owned any pets other than a cat or dog?
6 What is the weirdest food that you’ve eaten?
7. Have you ever wanted to visit Spain?
8. Have you ever hunted or fished for your supper?
9. Do you consider yourself an artist?
10. What is your favorite book of all time?
11. What would you really rather be doing?


One response to “My 1st Liebster Award nomination!

  1. Thanks for the nom….your set of questions look fun. Ich liebe you back!!!
    Cheers Sue

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