Burrs under my saddle…

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I don’t think the public should pay for any art. It should come from private benefactors. The reason I say is this because the public don’t get any say on the matter, onsidering they’re paying for it, They should get to choose what is situated in their area.



You are probably quite right when you say that public art is not valued in the same way as art within museums. I live in Fulham and delight in looking at the Henry Moore statue outside Charing Cross hospital. Hundreds of people must pass it daily, but I wonder how many of them even notice it, let alone know that Henry Moore had his studio just down the road.


I don’t know how the system works there, but here the art establishment makes decisions on public art without considering public sentiment. We have a lot of bronze monuments in Richmond. One in particular on Monument Ave. was put up about 15 years ago with great outcry against it. I think the person in charge of the check book might have said, ” That gets moved over my dead body. ” So our only hope is that the next generation has better taste. But what are the odds ? And now the offending sculpture is ignored by people who drive past it every day, since public opinion doesn’t matter. I guess every town has public art that the people wish would go away, and also sculptures that we love to see on our way.


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