Catalan’s Barcelona is a model city to see fine art in public places (part 2)

Beyond Gaudi, Barcelona also offers wonderful fine art from other artists as well.  One of my favorites is Eduardo Chillida, who has several abstract sculptural works in Barcelona’s public space.  You have to be persistent in order to find them.  One large tiled 2D grid outside the Modern Art Museum is “fairly easy” to miss, even though it is 5m high and 20m wide.Chillida-1998-Mural_G-333

“Elogio del Agua” is even more difficult to find,  since it is hidden in a small suburban park on the city’s East side (Parc de la Creuta del Coll). There is no apparent signage to guide tourists.  I tried to visit it on my last visit to Barcelona and spent several hours finding a parking space on twisty congested back-streets, then climbing up narrow winding pathways, and finally climbing a long wooded hillside, only to see “Elogio”  far below, the size of a postage stamp.  I am determined to get a bit closer the next time I visit.elogio del agua


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