Hunting the (art) Snark in NYC…

Lewis Carroll’s snark was an unimaginably elusive creature that scarcely anybody has seen, let alone described.

I recently spent 2 days in NYC looking around, hoping to find some fabulous art in public places.  I had seen pics of Richard Serra’s huge corten steel sculptures at MOMA, but sadly, they have now gone away 😦Image

Apart from glimpsing the Statue of Liberty on the way to Staten Island, the only noteworthy outdoor sculpture that I managed to spy was the bronze Wall Street bull, surrounded by a large crowd of Asian tourists who were having their pictures taken, while stroking the bull at either end.

Too late, after returning home, I learned that there is a Henry Moore sculpture outside near Lincoln Center. (I must confess, I did see the other Moore sculpture that is being held captive inside MOMA’s semi-outdoor sculpture madhouse).

Oh well, there will certainly be more hunting trips to NYC in the future.  Meanwhile, I remain undaunted and will continue to hunt the elusive (art) snark in public places.  They are often bloody hard to find, “For the snark was a boojum, you see.”


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