If art is an idea, here’s 1/2 an idea…

One of Andy Warhol’s many contributions is the idea that “art making” is not directly related to the artist’s own personal craftsmanship, or to manual efforts in building the work.  Warhol often conceived of the artwork, but then had his helpers in “The Factory”actually produce (many of) the Brillo pad boxes and other silk-screened artworks.  This notion is not  new — that “art” creating lies in conceiving the idea, not in the making of it.  Yet Warhol’s insight and effective mass-marketing of this approach successfully launched the pop art movement.

In keeping with this modern philosophical notion of “art as idea”, here are some cardboard cut-outs and plans for a small scale maquette inspired by Chillida’s “Elogio del Agua”.  It expresses the idea of form, yet it remains incomplete.   To fulfill the potential idea, it will eventually be produced as a 10 foot wide (fibreglass) sculpture suspended over a pool of water.  So, is this an idea — or half an idea?

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