When facing North is the wrong direction…

It seems that the wall relief (Maquette #3, 1955) by Henry Moore in New Brunswick’s capital city faces North, which is not the ideal direction for viewing it, according to its creator:

Relief sculptures tell best when they get a side light. This relief is, unhappily, on a wall facing north and is best photographed only in the summertime – either early in the morning or in late evening when, for short spells, it catches the sun.
This leads me to say that architects often forget about the sun when choosing a site for a sculpture. I think it is because they design their building indoors and often choose what looks like the right spot for a sculpture only from their plans, forgetting the existence and direction of outdoor sunshine.

Henry Moore quoted in David Finn, Henry Moore: Sculpture and Environment, Abrams, New York 1976, p.180

I wonder what it would take to relocate this wall relief to a better East/West-facing location? It is currently located at the public Beaverbrook Art Gallery on Queen Street.  This excellent gallery also has another Moore in its collection, making this city a fabulous stop for any art tourist…

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    More “derelict art”, this time in Fredericton New Brunswick, at The Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

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