Street (art) fight: Shephard Fairey vs Banksy…two modern gunslingers (outside the law)

Fairly good likeness, eh?

These 2 giants of modern street art have equal but opposite personas…

On the one hand is the good guy in the white hat — Shepard Fairey — who raised $ for Obama’s campaign by creating the iconic “HOPE” poster and donated the resulting sales receipts to Obama’s presidential campaign. Fairey also has a web-business (Obey) which raises $ for other good social causes too, thru the sale of his art works (e.g. Haiti earthquake victims). Fairey has a darker side as well, promoting his phenomenological “Obey the Giant” campaign thru the spread of stickers and such-like via the skater community.

On the other hand, Banksy is the outlaw in the black hat, who works his graffiti magic when the rest of us (and the police) are are fast asleep in our beds. He does not seek fame or notoriety — he remains unknown — yet he dares to paint colourful wall murals in the darndest places — such as the Israeli “security wall” cutting through the West Bank in Palestine. He has a wicked sense of humour.


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