Vancouver art biennale — art excitement on a 2 year bi-cycle

Here is just one example of the fine art in public places that is featured (for FREE!) in Vancouver’s latest art biennale. Check out other pics at

Olas de Viento (by Yvonne Domenge)

Olas de Viento (by Yvonne Domenge)

The Vancouver Biennale has a mandate to mount a major biannual outdoor art exhibition featuring world-class international sculptures, new media and performance art. In addition, the Vancouver Biennale produces publications, curriculum, professional symposiums and public lecture series.

The objective of the Vancouver Biennale is to celebrate art in public spaces, inviting the entire community to experience the brightest new and world renown talent in contemporary art. Through a diversity of artistic mediums, aesthetic sensibilities and cultural perspectives, an open dialogue about the art and the importance of art in public spaces begins.

The Vancouver Biennale (Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale/Biennale Internationale de la Sculpture de Vancouver) is a non-profit corporation created pursuant to Part 2 of the Canada Corporations Act and a registered charity. It is funded primarily through the sale of art after each exhibition by Christies Auctions. 100% of the revenue from that sale is used to fund the next exhibition, which covers the majority of the operating budget. The Vancouver Biennale does supplement those monies with funding from many other sources, primarily corporate gifts-in-kind, private philanthropy, foundation grants, corporate sponsorship, and support from the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation and the City of Richmond.


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