Reclaiming derelict public art in the public interest

Sometimes the location and exposure of a great piece of public art is less than ideal.  Perhaps, at the time of original construction, the available land was cramped and poorly situated, but still the best site available. Maybe the mayor wanted to admire the work through his office window, but it was out of general view. Maybe, in such instances, the pleasure and enjoyment of a great work can be enhanced by moving it to a better location where it will be enjoyed by more eyes.  For instance, the great work “Elogio del Agua” by Chillida is located in an out-of-the way gravel quarry in a Barcelona suburb (actually, the pic below makes it look pretty good).  What if this work were moved somewhere else with better exposure?  How might this be achieved, and who would champion such a project?

Eduardo Chillida's Elogio del agua (Barcelona)


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